Do you know what a writer is?

For some people, they may think or say, “It is a person who writes something such as poems, essays, short stories etc.” And before an individual can write, he or she must learn and study first the fundamental concepts of doing it. He also needs to learn the proper use of grammar so that he will find it easy on how to arrange word into a sentence, a sentence into a paragraph, and paragraphs that will speak for the entirety of the written output. Learning grammar will help him to do that. This is one of the things that must be learned before making or doing an article for various compositions.

In writing, aside from acquiring the fundamentals, a person needs to have lots of experiences so that he can express and expound his ideas easily. There were many writers of the past who made them able to write because of their day to day experiences. This made them complete aside from learning the basic concepts.

There are also some individuals who do not have background knowledge of something related to writing but he can learn the concept quickly and easily. The ability to learn this is innate within the person since they are born. They have already the interest towards the subject, unlike to some writers, they can find the topics difficult and then he may repeatedly go back to these subject matters before he learns this.

How to write

This requires time and effort in learning these concepts before learning how to write. It is not an instinct for a person to write at once. It is not about sucking the nipple of the breast of the mother when they are born. It is not as easy like that because learning a craft should undergo an evolutionary process that will help the person to write successfully. An individual needs to learn the very first step before he moves on to the next step, a more complex one.

Writers are the ones who use written words in different styles and strategies to communicate ideas. They produce many forms of literary compositions or articles and very creative writings such as essays, plays or drama, poetry, news articles, novels, screenplays, short stories etc. These equipped writers can be able to use the language to express their thoughts. Their works have something to contribute to the success of the culture of the society.

A writer does not mean in that way, the term can also be used elsewhere such as a song writer or a composer. Other writers may work from an oral tradition.

There are many writers in the world who can create many compositions that consist of many genres, fictional or even non-fictional. Some writers can use technology or the multimedia such as illustration or graphics in order to improve on how to communicate their ideas.

A person writes on how they write (which means the strategies or techniques they usually use when they are writing), why they write (meaning the person’s driving force or motivation in writing), mostly they are inspired to write when they are in love, they can be able to express their ideas easily. Some authors can write when they are stressed, or lovelorn. They can give more emotion to it and they can make it very realistic because of that experience. And they write to criticize the works of other writers which is sometimes called literary criticism.

The term is a synonym for the author. Though the latter word has indeed a broader meaning and is being used to mean legal responsibility in a piece of writing.

The types of writers

Writers opt from a range of genres particularly literary in order for them to express their ideas. Most compositions or articles can be adapted for use in other media for example satire can be written as a comic play, an essay, a film, a piece of journalism, or a poem. The author of a letter may include the elements of biography, criticism, or journalism.

Many authors write across genres. There are various creative adaptations that have been attempted such as history to musical, a poem to a play, a novel to a film, etc. They may start their career in one genre and after a period of time they may change to another. Say for instance, William Earnest Henly began in the genre of poetry and also writes as a journalist, editor in chief.

Poets make use of an emotional, sensory effect and words that will challenge the cognitive level of the readers. Once a writer or a poet uses an emotional impact, he can catch the interest and emotion of the readers. If this happens the author is very effective as a writer. He is not writing for himself instead he considers his readers including their wants in an article or composition, or what they really like from writing.

When the writer uses the sensory effects, he uses the words that will let the readers feel, see, taste, hear, and smell. By this, the people will not be bored while reading the articles. This is effective in writing a poem because it needs to create imagery. When a poem does not have this (imagery), it is not considered as a poem. A writer can also use words metaphorically at a time for the reason that it can develop the higher order thinking skills of the person. It should not be always on the literal level. It should go beyond than that however, as much as possible, the language to be used should be understood by the common people or by all kinds of readers. 

A person can learn how to write successfully when he undergone many experiences in life. Learning a skill (writing) should be practiced and examined like a bolo that needs to be sharpened every day to avoid rust. Aside from experiences, you desire to learn the skills and obtain the abilities of a writer will count also in becoming an effective and good writer.