Baccarat Hotel in London – The London Review

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Baccarat Hotel in London – The London Review

The Baccarat Hotel is an upscale and well-known Baccarat Club, known for their extensive card game room selection. This hotel is ideally located near the most exclusive Baccarat Clubs in London, including the Sands Baccarat, the Windsor Baccarat and the Atlantis Resort. The Baccarat Hotel has been entertaining the guests since 1867.

The richly-decorated rooms provide a magnificent and luxurious atmosphere while giving guests an opportunity to engage in one of the many activities on offer, including themed bar seating and casino tables. Guests are offered free access to the best dining options in the hotel, including award-winning catering and fine dining. For those who would like to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, the Windsor is an ideal location, especially during evenings and weekends. The suites also come with lavish amenities such as a private terrace and formal living areas.

The elegant rooms at the Baccarat Hotel can be rented for business meetings, family reunions, dinner dates or even stag weekends. Many of the hotel’s rooms can also be booked for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, holiday trips and after hours parties.

The Baccarat Hotel boasts a lively and busy casino offering a gamblers’ delight. The casino includes different game tables, which are themed to reflect the rooms and the guests who book them. For instance, the Blackjack Room features blackjack tables with original blackjack playing cards.

The Bermuda Room features blackjack playing cards and a unique blackjack playing theme. The Casino Royale Room features a combination of blackjack and roulette playing cards and a poker room theme. The game rooms come equipped with the latest video games and equipment that enhance the playing experience.

The various rooms in the hotel include a Queen Suite, a suite for two, a suite for three, a suite for four, and suites with both double and single beds. The suites range from affordable to ultra-luxurious, featuring all the modern comforts, such as mini-refrigerators, flat screen TVs, king size beds, private bathtubs, computer terminals, high speed internet access and secure lockers.

Customers can book their rooms through their respective reservation services, such as Interval Reservation, InterHotel, etc. Customers can also do it online, by visiting the Baccarat Hotel’s official website.

The Casino Royale Suite features a blackjack table and plenty of other gambling games, such as blackjack, poker, roulette, blackjack and many more. Guests can choose their preferred gaming table, such as nine-foot, queen or king size, and can even upgrade their room to accommodate more players.