Playing Baccarat – A True American Game

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Playing Baccarat – A True American Game

Is it true that Phil Ivey has been permanently banned from all casinos in the state of New Jersey? Was it true that I’ve got in trouble with the law by cheating in a card game that uses real money? Did the charges against him and his family come about as the result of an internal affairs investigation conducted by the State Attorneys General’s office? Was the original complaint as a result of a sting operation by the State Attorneys General’s office? The answer is no and yes.

A little known fact about card games is that they can be played for real money and there are people who win significant sums of money playing them. In fact, many prominent casino and poker players have made their wealth through baccarat play. Phil Ivey is just such a player. The good news, however, is that U.S. District Judge Noel Hillman has ruled that Ivey did not commit fraud to win at baccarat.

It would seem that the State Attorneys General’s Office decided to prosecute a player rather than a crime because of the large amount of money involved in the game. As one might expect, a case involving thousands of dollars would attract a higher level of government attention. In this case, the money involved was a bit lower than most players would earn but the charges still appear to be quite serious. Among other things, the government charged that Ivey and two other individuals conspired to arrange gaming outcomes in an illegal manner. Specifically, the players were said to have conspired to manipulate the outcome of baccarat and craps by placing more bets on the more profitable games, using winning paylines to make larger bets. This allowed the group to collect much more winnings than what their initial bets would have produced.

Unfortunately for the state, there is no hard evidence tying the three individuals to the scheme. As a result, the case against Ivey was later dropped. But, the damage had been done. Although the three individuals face criminal charges for their alleged roles in the scheme, the charges against Phil Ivey will remain and are being enforced by the LSC, the Gaming Commission of Las Vegas.

As of now, Ivey is one step ahead of the baccarat player. According to his attorney, he plans on filing a claim for past and future lost wages and suffering while learning the game. While this may not happen, Ivey is far from a baccarat player who is out of luck. There are several cases against other prominent Americans who were not even born when the laws were in place. If you know of an American playing the game, you need to contact a lawyer immediately, before it gets too late.

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo or any other location in the world, you owe it to yourself to check out a baccarat player in order to see what this game is all about. The laws are very clear, and you can find the right equipment for you at an affordable price. In addition, you will have fun learning a new game, while experiencing one of the most thrilling casino experiences. It is time you took a shot at becoming a true baccarat player.