The Baccarat Restaurant

The Baccarat Restaurant, located in the casino at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, offers a venue for a more formal dinner in a private dining room. The Baccarat Restaurant is not like the other Baccarat restaurants found at Vegas casinos. It is a casual restaurant where diners can bring their own table cloths to guests dining in.

baccarat restaurant

The menu offers a wide selection of appetizers, salads, meats, seafood, desserts, deserts, snacks, drinks, and entrees. The specialties of the restaurant are selections from its Italian cuisine. Everything offered at the Baccarat Restaurant is prepared in house, including soup, meatballs, pasta, tortellini, risotto, and even antipasto. Food selections are also available that include pastas such as lasagna, ravioli, and ravioli alla vodka.

Guests dining at the Baccarat Restaurant can enjoy the view of the white sands of the Santorini island from the dining room. Guests have the option of dining on the terrace or the patio. Seating is limited in the outdoor seating area. Guests can also dine at the restaurant at night, when it is open to the public. The patio and terrace are situated at the north end of the restaurant.

There is a retractable ceiling covering the dining area inside the restaurant. To the east of the restaurant is a covered area to provide guests with an al fresco dining experience. Guests can also sit in the outdoors dining room at night.

As the dinner party gets closer, reservations are made through the restaurant. One can make reservations through the website of the Baccarat Restaurant. However, reservations should be made well in advance to ensure availability.

Prior to making reservations, a check of all reservations will be needed. This check will be used to pay for the table or dining room. It is very important to confirm if the reservation is still valid by checking the status of the reservation online.

By clicking on the restaurant’s website, guests can find out what types of foods are served at the restaurant. One can also find out the time it takes to receive and pay for the table, as well as to pay for the bill. While waiting for reservations, one can also plan out what they want to eat in the restaurant. Usually, diners can request for the dishes they want for their dinner.

The Baccarat Restaurant is known for its beautiful environment that is meant to bring a laid back environment for dinner. The atmosphere of the restaurant is meant to be tranquil and romantic. The dining room offers an open-air feeling, while the patio and terrace offer a beautiful view of the ocean. The food offered by the Baccarat Restaurant is scrumptious, and the customer service is great.